1:1 Soul Embodiment

A Three Month Journey through your Natal Chart and into Embodiment

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Imagine... Living life..

as the most


Soulful, Authentic, Free, Truthful, Sensual, Unapologetic, Bold, Magical, Connected, Magnetic, Expressive... 
version of  

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3 Months of Soul Exploration

In 6 Session over the course of 3 months, We will dive deep into your natal chart (aka. your soul blueprint) and explore how you can live an embodied life in alignment with your dreams & soul mission. We will explore your natural gifts as well as the challenges you are here to master and how you can turn them into your greatest strength.
This journey will activate DNA within you to step into new layers of your being, while providing you with tools that can help you navigate your blueprint & self-activate energies within that you desire to bring out into your life.

Full Voxer Support

While the sessions are major plug-in point, the magic of embodiment happens in-between the session when you are LIVING your blueprint. In order to support you fully, you will have access to me through Voxer (a voice messaging app) in-between the session. 
This way you can ask me any questions that come up, get my guidance through challenges & celebrate your wins with me. 

We will explore:

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Soul Signature

Sun, Moon, Rising, Chart Ruler, etc.

We explore your unique soul essence - your souls signature as well as what energies it chose for you to have an embodied experience of in this lifetime.

We explore how you can embody these energies to their fullest potential & liberate yourself from the conditioning that limits your fullest expression.

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Expansion & Mastery

Saturn, Squares, Oppositions, Chiron, North Node etc.

We dive deeper into your chart and take a look at where challenges may come up and how your soul has set up for you to become a master of these challenges in this life time. We look at how you can turn your darkness into the brightest light & your wounds into wisdom.

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Gifts & Talents

Venus, Jupiter, Trines, Sextiles etc..

We will look at your natural gifts - the tools your soul equipped you with in order to embody your mission. You already have them - Throughout we discover how you can activate them & utilize them according to your dreams & desires.


Soul Mission

Your Full Chart & Desires

This is where your dreams & blueprint is alchemized.

We explore ways in which you can live out your dreams & serve the world with your gifts in accordance to the full spectrum of energies within your blueprint. We look at how your soul is asking you to move through life & how you can lean into the flow of your unique design.

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Vision, Drive & Activation

Mars, MC, North Node, Your Passions , Dreams etc. 

We discover where your drive & activation energy is in your chart & how you can utilize them for movement, growth & direction in your life.

We explore how you can consciously activate aspects of your blueprint when you want to draw upon a specific energy in your life.

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Your Chart & Your Life

To embody means to alchemize body & soul.

We explore how you can honor your soul & desires by living according to your mission - how you can be, receive, create, serve & grow in alignment.

Embodiment is a lifetime journey & it extends beyond our time together - but the activations start here.

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How You Know This Is

For You

- You KNOW that there is a power within you, waiting for you to unleash it.
- You are ready to remember  who you are & who you came here.
- You are done looking to the world for answers to who you are & what to do.
- You are READY to go on a journey, that will change your life, to reclaim who you are.
- You are ready to become the living embodiment of your blueprint & your dreams.
- You desire to SHARE your magic with the world in a way that aligns with your body, heart & soul.
- You KNOW that you came into this lifetime to heal, enjoy, thrive & expand.

Astrology is a cosmic language - the language of the stars,
speaking to us in archetypes & energetic imprints.

Speaking a language means putting words with meaning together to form a sentence with an even more complex meaning. Astrology is the same.
The interactions between the energetic expressions paints a complex picture that makes up the magic of a moment, a phenomenon or a person. 

The natal chart is the poetry that the universe is speaking through you. 

It is your souls blueprint, your cosmic DNA & essence. 
It is your compass & your North Star - The navigation tool AND the treasure at the same time.
It contains the codes to your journey - the contracts, gifts & highest potentials.
An invaluable tool in remembering WHO you are & WHY you are here.

In my work, I help you translate your blueprint & show you how to apply it.
Astrology does not dictate - it shows you all of your potentials.
YOU get to choose how to use them.


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The Key to Your Soul & Navigating Your Journey

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6 Sessions - 3 Months - Full Voxer Support

We will begin our 3 month journey with an approx. 2 hour session. In the first session, as we connect, I will ask you some key questions about you & where you are at - from which we will do an intention setting ceremony for the next 3 months. From here we begin the deep dive into your natal chart.

The remaining sessions will be around 1 hours. The sessions are intuitively guided & is always a co-creative collaboration. I will intuitively draw on a wide range of spiritual tools, techniques & knowledge that can assist you in bringing your blueprint into your life. The journey is non-linear and we will explore all of the themes your chart & soul is calling forward in a manner that is in alignment with your journey & in the order your soul is asking to be seen.

In between the session you will have access to me through Voxer (a voice messaging app) where you can ask questions that may come up, receive guidance as you start embodying your blueprint as well as celebrate your wins! In-between the sessions is where the real transformation takes place and this way you can maximise your transformation throughout the 3 months. 


In our final session we will be talking about your journey forward  & doing a closing ceremony that honors our time together and plants the seeds for your future. This way you can move forward with a clear vision & whole lot of embodied magic within you. 

The sessions will be through Zoom and I will send you a link just before our session. Every session will be recorded so you can always return to the information & simply focus on receiving & getting the activations during the call. 
Make sure you have your exact time & place of birth before you book. Check your birth certificate, any birth logs you may have or perhaps check with your local hospital or appropriate authorities.

If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to e-mail me at: business@triciajuul.com or send me a DM on Instagram @callofthecosmos.

If you feel called to this but have a lot of fear or noise around it, you're just as welcome to contact me & we can talk it out.

Tricia - Intuitive Astrologer, Soul Activator & Mentor

I  am an intuitive astrologer and have studied multiple traditions of astrology intensively since 2018. I intuitively draw on both ancient traditions and modern interpretations to form a whole picture of your chart. 

 I read your chart with an eye for growth, empowerment & liberation.

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Astrology is the language of the stars & your soul wishes to speak to you

Pay in Full

15.000 DKK 

est. €2000

One time payment

you pay instantly & get contacted by me within 24 hours

Payment Plan

5555 DKK 

est. €750

3 monthly instalments

you fill out the formula & an invoice will be sent asap for your first payment, after which I will contact you.

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