How To Release Shame

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☥ how to release shame ☥

shame is the lowest frequency on the spectrum of human emotion.

from what I have channelled, it is even lower than fear.

the waves of are so slow and dense that they are even more likely than fear to get stuck in the body and go unnoticed or ignored.

fear likes to isolate us. make us think we are alone.

shame does to. but shame also likes to bury it.

confronting fear is often a confrontation brought to you. it is rarely in your control and the lesson is to take back the power there is in surrender and not having control.

confronting shame is a choice. reconditioning yourself from shame requires you to do the dirty work. to go inwards and dig deep. to long for more freedom and take it.

learning to accept and confront your fear is learning to breathe under water when the waves are holding you under.

untangling the webs of shame is choosing to dive deeper into the ocean of the unknown,

willing to see darkness,

willing to love darkness.

diving within to uncover our internalized shame is no joke.

it is the heaviest work I have done on my journey and continues to be.

it is the work of bringing what lives in the dark to the light.

and we are only as sick as our secrets.

if you have been in rehab you might have heard that phrase.

the more you own up to yourself, the less others can own you.

that knowing has been what has guided me towards forgiveness,

of myself, most and foremost.

but also of others.

it is one and the same.

love is how we transmute fear.

forgiveness is how we transmute shame.

i have decided some time ago that no one can shame me anymore.

not for my body, my appearance or my feelings.

not for my mistakes or my preferences.

not for my interests, my voice or my calling.

not for my choices.

because they are conscious.

they are in the light, of the light.

if you want to be free, truly free, do the same for yourself, love.

decide to do it right now.

declare your dedication to yourself.

dive deeper into the ocean,

see what is,

love what you see,

and be free.

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