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Natal Chart Reading

A Translation of your Souls Blueprint  to Unlock your Growth & Gifts

Astrology is a cosmic language - the language of the stars,
speaking to us in archetypes & energetic imprints.

Speaking a language means putting words with meaning together to form a sentence with an even more complex meaning. Astrology is the same.
The interactions between the energetic expressions paints a complex picture that makes up the magic of a moment, a phenomenon or a person. 

The natal chart is the poetry that the universe is speaking through you. 
It is the expression your soul wished for you to embody in this lifetime. 
It is your compass & your North Star. 

I can help you understand the language of the cosmos & the beauty of your soul.

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Astrology is the language of the stars & your soul wishes to speak to you

In our session we will explore..

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Your Soul

We will explore what energetic magic your soul has chosen for you to embody in this lifetime. We look at your personal planets, your chart ruler and any significant patterns you have in your chart.

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Gifts & Mission

We will look at your  gifts, your potentials & how your soul is asking you to move through life and embody your mission as well as where to lean into the ease of your unique design.

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Expansion & Mastery

We dive deeper into your chart and take a look at where challenges may come up and how your soul has set up for you to become a master of these challenges in this life time.


1111 DKK         or        150 EUR

The reading is about 45 min, but we may go over time if there is more juice asking to be explored.

Make sure you have your exact birth time when you book your reading. 5 min. can make a big difference in your chart, so make sure you look at your birth certificate or other birth documents to confirm your exact time of birth.  

Any areas of your life you are curious about, challenges you experience or questions you have about your chart are more than welcome .  & I will leave a little wiggle room for all of your questions at the end of our session.

The most important thing is that you leave the session feeling empowered and liberated, so it is important that any confusion or doubt that comes up during the session is addressed so we can work through it and rewire it on the spot. 

When you click the link you will be taken directly to the payment page and within 24 hours you will receive a link to a calendar where you are free to pick a time and date that suits you, as well as type in your birth information.

Tricia Juul - Intuitive Astrologer

I  am an intuitive astrologer and have studied multiple traditions of astrology intensively since 2019. I intuitively draw on both ancient traditions and modern interpretations to form a whole picture of your chart. 

 I read your chart with an eye for growth, empowerment & liberation.

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