HI, I'M 
        WELCOME TO 
                 MY TEMPLE

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Liberator... Healer... Spiritual Teacher & Mentor...
Astrologer... A Mirror to your Soul...

My work leads you into a world of freedom and magic - a space where expression, growth, connection & pleasure are the pillars on which we realise & embody our wildest dreams.

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Meet Tricia

I am a wild and ancient soul on a mission to bring love back this beautiful planet in her ascension.

My mission is to bring out the beauty & poetry in all things and to meet everyone & everything with compassion - even when it is easiest not to.


On my journey I have mastered the skill of calling bullshit. My own and yours.

This is how I generate my own growth and act as the driving pulse of my own evolution

-  and I can guide you to do the same.

I have separated the gold from the sand, again & again, and what remained was always the desire

for my hearts true nature to come to light - my fiercest, most raw, vulnerable, joyful, honest,

bold, creative, loving, sensual self.


 I make my way through life with my heart as the captain and my intuition as my North Star.

I learned to rely on them when everything I knew was stripped away.

and they led me to a state of being beyond my wildest dreams.


  I am here to hold a mirror up for you, so you see .

You deserve to embody your magic.

You deserve to be unleashed.

Wanna join me?

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-  I lead you to Embody your most desired version of yourself . 

-  I teach you to use spiritual tools to Empower, Grow & Liberate yourself.

-  I guide you to ask the right questions that will make you Quantum Leap into a new reality.

-  I  hold space for you to step into your fullest expression and lead from your heart.

-  I make sure the ride is a pleasure and one hell of a good time.

Pisces Rising


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